My Story

Let me introduce myself, My name is Tracie  the owner of Mixx & Measure Homemade Baking Company. I have been cooking since I was 14, I did not like it. Because at that time it was a chore and we all know teenager do not like to do any round the house chores before hanging out with your friends. So I picked the quickest & easiest meal to cook a grill cheese sandwich & French fries a go to favorite. Now I 'm up in age now cooking is my outlet and passion. I cook comfort foods like homemade chicken pot pies with my homemade buttery flaky crust & Mac & Cheese loaded with fresh cheddar and parmesan.(super cheesy) I love to cook, and I like to share my recipes. My grandmother taught me so much about cooking she cook from scratch nothing out of a box. Homemade cooking is the best because the ingredients are fresh. My favorite thing to cook is Lamb Chops with fresh herbs & garlic sauce. Making my own herb rubs to cook with is better than buying store brands. I love to call my family & friends to sample my recipes because they will tell me the truth and that's what I like.

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